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What is my purpose? 

Christians far too often live their lives every day wondering one specific thing: What is my purpose? There is a longing inside, a desire to do something impactful! Every human being has this desire, we get frustrated with our jobs, our home lives, even our churches. We don’t feel we have hope, although we have Christ, who is the Hope of Glory! We have a deep desire to impact the lives of people and yet we feel we have no vehicle. The question might just be HOW? How do I make an impact on my community? How do I help people? How do I change my world? How do we bring real change to not only my life, but others life’s as well?

Romans 8:29 tells us that we are to become like Christ

We as Christians have a deep desire to impact people. We read story after story in the Bible of how Jesus walked with His disciples daily, taught His disciples daily, loved His disciples daily.  He then sent them out to touch the world. These men had a purpose and they lived on purpose. We go to Church on Sunday, maybe on Wednesday and possibly serve in some capacity, but are you living on purpose?

We have a Church that is living without a vehicle, without a way to live out their purpose. We hear from the pulpit to find our purpose; we pray God will show us our purpose. We seek, read and pray that God will just show us what we are supposed to do. I have been in the Church my entire life; I am almost 40 years old. I have been associate Pastor, youth Pastor, Campus Pastor in a total of 6 Churches and have hundreds of Christian friends in other Churches. I only know a few churches that are truly giving the people a vehicle, a way to live out their purpose.  You are probably wondering by now what are you talking about? Discipleship! First, we have to define what discipleship is or is not. When we look at Christ and the model that He gave us, we have to then see how He did it. He took a bunch of rough fishermen and turned them into a true fisher of men. How did he do it? He walked with them daily, taught them daily, he showed them how to live daily, when they were ready, he sent them out to do the same with others. There is something very simple yet profound in making disciples.

We have to be very clear there is a distinction between being Saved and being a disciple. Being a disciple means that you have accountability not just to God, but to someone else, you have someone to speak into your life, you have someone to see the 30,000 foot view of your life and help you in decision making (not telling you what to do, but helping you problem solve). Being a disciple means that you have a friend, a brother in Christ, someone that you can confide in and someone to love you for you. Someone to be there through the hurt, through the pain, through the issues of life. Someone to help you grow in the grace, wisdom and knowledge of Christ Being a disciple means that you are now in the process of true change and that you are learning with a purpose. The purpose is for you to Go and make disciples. Now you have a purpose, now you have a plan, now you can go to your neighbors who are hurting, you can bind the broken hearted, set the captive free. You now have the mentality, the stability, the vehicle and ability to change your world.

 You are now out impacting people, helping set people free! You now have a divine purpose, that purpose is to make disciples so that they can go and make disciples. One can set a thousand to flight, two ten thousand. Imagine your church who is now a disciple making church. A church that is full of spiritually, and emotionally mature Christians who have a purpose. A church who is dedicated not just to Sunday and Wednesday service, but to do like the Bible says in Acts, adding to the church daily. A church alive with passion and purpose, a people who are out winning souls and disciples making disciples! This is the Hope of Glory, this is the church radically changed!

What are you waiting for?